This is a C++ with OpenGL game. Everything on the screen is drawn by a triangle or multiple triangles. In game starting, player has 3 lives. When player's ship hitting asteroid or enemy's ship, player will lose a live and have to pressing 'N' to respawn the ship. Everytime you clean all enemies on the screen, you will go to next level util you finish level 5. Also, you can use megabomb to help you to destroy enemy.

For help me to identify the bug, I made a debug mode. In debug mode, every entities will show their physics radius and cosmetic radius, also velocity. In order to simulate space, ship has fixed velocity in every frame.


  • Genre: Action
  • Platform: PC
  • Date: September​ 2019
  • Language: C++
  • Download



  • Holding the 'T' key slows mode.
  • Pressing the 'P' to pause the game.
  • Pressing the 'N' to respawn the ship.
  • Pressing the 'O' to create asteroid.
  • Pressing the 'B' to activate a mega bomb,
  • destroys all asteroids and hostile entities within a certain radius of the ship.
  • Pressing the 'F1' to turn on develop mode.
  • Pressing the 'F8' to restart the game.
  • Using Xbox controller, start button for respawn player ship, 'A' button for shoot bullet, 'B' button for activate mega bomb.


  • Beetle : Chasing player, continues to follow the player's ship as close as possible.
  • Wasp : Chasing player, tends to stay a distance from player's ship, due to they has more inertia than Beetle.
  • Asteroid : Nothing special, a rock has giving fixed velocity.​