This is a fan-made game. Reference form Helltaker. Most of the materials are also from Helltaker. Ten-Nen Demon is a level-based puzzle game. Before or/and after level will play cutscenes. The main story is about a demon girl who lost her little cute shark. The goal of this game is controlling demon girl to get her shark back, but her shark is silly, it always runs away when demon girl reaches it.





  • Befroe or/and after a level, cutscene can be played.
  • All cutscenes are data-oriented and can be modified outside the code.

Particle System

  • Render some rectangles as dust when player moving.
  • Upon every lava tile, create some steam particle.


  • Refer from Helltaker and design my character.
  • Hand draw and coloring in Photoshop.


What I learned

  • Making art materials will spend a lot of time, don't underestimate.

What Went Wrong

  • Underestimated the amount of work on art materials.
  • My UI is using debug draw, I should make a new UI system.

What Went Well

  • Made a particle system, and it works fine.
  • Code architecture is solid. When I want to add new feature, I don't need rewrite any old code.